Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not totally sure on this one Ffred

The new Culture Minister has weighed in to the Olympics. Part of his rationale being :

"If money is taken out then to promote one activity in one specific area then I think that is wrong."

Well does that principle not equally apply to the Ryder Cup in Wales, or any site of excellence that we might choose to promote. The Millennium Centre or the National Botanic Gardens being other potential examples. Do they not receive funding to "promote one activity in one specific area".

So the Olympics is perhaps a larger scale version but it is a rare visit that it makes to the UK. My expectation would be to see Lottery funds prioritised to nations ans regions after the Olympics so we can catch up with any monies 'lost' in the build up to 2012.

The Minsiters energy might be better used driving for every possible positive spin off from the Games and the associated activity.

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