Sunday, July 06, 2008

Glasgow, Labour policy and all that stuff

For those journalists who have not foreseen this yet then let us pick up an interesting link from all the speculation about Labour's forthcoming by election in Glasgow East. I have to admit that I am finding the thirst for damaging Brown quite mystifying but I suppose there is long evidence that an element of politics is often driven by the 'smell of blood'.
Anyway the interesting link is that on the morning (and weekend) after the Glasgow result many of Labour's representatives will gather in the 'National Policy Forum' to start finalising policy for the next Westminster election. As one of the reps for Wales I'l be in attendance and have spent recent days working through the headaches of paperwork such a role brings. Hence blogging was a little quiet midweek.
A by election victory will give some fresh opportunity to focus on the policy debate of the coming years, but another defeat will provide lots of distraction from talking about the future to the electoral issues of the here and now.

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