Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dafydd ar llwbyr ei hun ?

Oedd yn anodd cadw i fynny gyda'r nifer o weithiau oedd Dafydd Wigley ddim yn cefnogi nifer o prif polisiau Plaid Cymru ar 'Pawb ai Farn' heno. I ddechra oedd o'n amlwg o bliad ynni niwcler, a Ieuan druan yn rhedeg ar polisi gwrth niwclear. Yn ael cytunodd gyda J Chorlton bod angen amser cyn fydd Cymru yn barod am newid cyfansoddiadol - pam gael polisi am referendwm yn 2011 felly ? Rhyddfedd iawn !!

I had difficulty keeping up with Dafydd Wigley's attempts to disown Plaid policy on 'Pawb A'i Farn' (Welsh language Question Time). He was clearly in favour of nuclear power, with poor old Ieuan running on an anti nuclear stance. Secondly he agreed with J Chorlton that Wales needed time before being ready for constitutional change - so why have a policy for a referendum in 2011 ? Very strange !!


menaiblog said...

I didn't see the programme, so I couldn't really comment on your interpretation of it's content.

Is it not a fact though, that you sometimes disagree with your party line - as you did (if I understand things correctly) when your party leadership decided to involve the UK in the illegal American war in Iraq?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Yes indeed - but Plaid's brand new vision states "Plaid Cymru does not support nuclear power", yet Dafydd ducked very quickly on the matter. Whatever the rights or wrongs what will Ieuan do ? It was on his patch, his new policy was not backed by a leading figure before the ink is dry. Is another flip flop policy on the way ?

menaiblog said...

Flip flop is, I understand an American term for policy changing policy on the hoof.

It takes considerable brass neck for a Labour politician to accuse others of such policy changes – when no such changes have happened – when the leadership of his own party indulges in the practice on such a regular basis.

Remember the scrapping GP fund holding, & it’s return under another name?

Or the complete turnaround on the question of the referendum on the EU Constitution?

Remember the silly announcement about marching yobs to cash points? What became of that?

Or the silly nonsense about night courts to clear up the judicial backlog?

Or the amnesty of asylum seekers?