Friday, May 04, 2007


12 hours later. I have squeezed in a post election interview with "Hacio" and spent a little time running over the results. While at a glance the final numbers look similar to the position before everyone's election efforts, there have clearly been a number of tense counts all over Wales. However within the numbers we can see there are a number of new faces now facing the challenge of working out the next step for their parties.

I take a rather simple view of this. Rhodri Morgan is our leader, he is popular across political divides and will trust him (and back him) in his decision that I know will follow a period of consultation with those who made in to the new Assembly team and other party colleagues.


Cymro said...

Aled, it is as you foresaw - Plaid Cymru scraped home in Arfon, by a merely huge majority. I bow before you all-encompassing analysis and correct prediction. Truly your are the King of Kings.

Aled said...

Cymro you claimed Plaid would govern Wales after the election.

Yet despite the money they got from their England based benefactor and it being mid term for the Labour government they won just four extra seats.

Just one extra seat in the constituency vote - and they only had to overcome a 21 majority.

What a dismal performance.

Hardly what you would call a break through.

The people of Wales saw thru their promised pact with the Tories and didnt allow them the chance...

So Cymro looks like your crystal ball wasnt working either...

Cymro said...

Aled, I said that Plaid were ready for government. I said that we were ready to lead a governing coalition. I don't think I said anything else. We gained 3 seats, Labour lost 3. The had 17 seats more before, 11 after the election.

Depriving them of 35% of their lead is excellent for one night. And a number of Labour constituencies became marginal. Plaid never talked of a breakthrough, yet that is what happened.

As for a Welshman who lived in London leaving a bequest to us when he died, what exactly is your point in bringing that up? Why do you carp on about Dafydd Wigley being born in Derby? Abdul Khan, on the Plaid list for North Wales, was born in Bangladesh. What of it?

Aled said...

Dear Cymro

You really must have lived on a different planet (no surprise there then) from most of us non party member folk over the last few weeks.

You say Plaid never talked of a breakthrough - so can you please explain why nearly every interview they appeared on national television refered to their position on a coalition with other parties when they became the largest party.

If that wasnt them talking up their chances of a breakthrough what was!!!

David Wigley to give him his birth name is an interest point that is why I raise it. One you have failed to answer - ie why did he change his name to Dafydd. Was it for street cred?

After all Abdul Khan has not changed his name to Owain Khan unless you have an exclusive for us - so your point doesnt make any sense...

And on your party's benefactor from England you AGAIn have failed to answer that question which was:

As Plaid voted against donations from outside the UK for UK elections (a motion put forward by Labour), would PLaid who seek independence also turn down English donations in future?