Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wembley Wembley

Yes I know its over Offa's Dyke and my nat friends will tell me supporting an English league team is wrong but the mighty Baggies are off to the new Wembley. Superb. What a pity (!) we had to beat Wolves to get there.


Cymro said...

Congratulations to you. And no, there's nothing wrong with supporting teams from over the border, or anywhere you want to. I quite enjoyed the game.

But what has happened to Wolves? They used to have a lot of exciting young players - now they're just dull!

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Pwy yw'r "Nat friends" yma yr wyt newydd eu darganfod felly?

Yn ol dy byst blaenorol gelynion ffiaidd oedd pob Nat dan haul!!!!!!!!

menaiblog said...

Virtually every North Wales nationalist I know supports an English football team, & to the best of my knowledge, no one has taken you to task for supporting West Brom.

On another note, you banned a comment made by me the other night. This is the second time it's happened. This is your right, of course - it's your show - but I'd like to make the following request.

Please post a rational for banning posts (or a policy if you like).
None of my posts were offensive, or libelous. One was a breakdown of the cost of the 2005 General Election spending for various parties & the other was a comparison between two cases of a conflict of interest.

It's one thing to ban offensive comments, it's another to ban points that are made in an honest attempt at political debate.

You may of course ban comments for whatever reason you like - but if you ban comments because they're unpalatable - or unanswerable - I think that it's only honest if you make that clear.

The reader can then judge whether your blog is a simple propoganda exercise, or whether it strives to do a little bit more than that & strive to be a forum for genuine political debate.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Paid a poeni Alwyn mae yna elfen o gwrth daro pwrpasol ar bob ochor dwi'n teimlo weithia.

My delete policy may remain irrational menai as it might depend on my mood at any given time.

I suspect Wolves overacheived Cymro as they don't have the strength in depth. Some more signings are required at Molineux to give them a little more depth.

Anyway Koumasat the new Wemnbley - brilliant.Hopefuly he will run the show on a big stage.