Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plaid supporters should have listened !

Well over the months I tried to suggest that you had to vote Eaglestone to get Wigley. I was derided by some, rattled a few of those who knew the realistic prospects for DW from number 2 on the North Wales list, but in the end I don't think people yet understand the ins and outs of the current system of PR.

An article in the Welsh language magazine Golwg, with some associated blogging activity, shows the issue has caused some pain in Plaid.

Of more interest will be the reaction of the electorate, many of whom were told, and beleived, they were voting twice for Plaid in order to get Wigley - and were short changed

On reflection I have to accept the Wigley tactic may have worked for Plaid in 2007 ,but again ??

(indeed can Plaid's strategy really be based on wheeling out Wigley - Soviet style - every four years !)

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menaiblog said...

I'm afraid that it's you who doesn't understand the system.

Had you been elected, & everything else remained the same, this is what would have happened:

Seat 1 - Tory
Seat 2 - Plaid
Seat 3 - Lib Dems
Seat 4 - Tory

People would have voted Eaglestone & got Eaglestone - but still no Wigley.