Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Strange world

If Britain and Libya can find enough common ground to do business then it is strange indeed that progressive forces cannot find enough common issues in Wales to build bridges for the common good.

Yes I know many a heated word is exchanged during (and sometimes after) elections but there must be enough common territory to find a political platform for government that takes Wales forward without the Tories. And yes I accept that will take some tolerance on all sides.

After the ups and downs that moved us from failed agreements, failed rainbows to minority government to renewed (?) rainbow then I think those in favour of further devolved powers have to be careful the people don't become cheesed off with the whole thing - and turn against more powers for the soap opera that is Cardiff Bay.


thewelshman said...

Plaid Cymru could never achieve governing Wales through the ballot box hence the rainbow coalition, how can a leader of a party with only 15 seats be first minister of a government of 60 seats??

Simo said...

A soap opera you wanted to be part of!

Simo said...

Comment suppression is On more like!

Martin Eaglestone said...

Yes, but I could have made it a bettter soap opera !