Monday, May 07, 2007

Does "partnership" or "agreement" need relative silence ?

Given the various combination of understandings that could be reached in the coming week then perhaps it all needs some calm heads, and hard bargaining. Not in the Lib Dems its seems where Peter Black has decided the series of consistent 6's (seats) in Assembly elections is not good enough.

There's only six of them, but they fall in three groups - the pro Mike German, Anti Mike German and those who are yet to jump in public. It seems lile politics of the old left where on occassions we seemed to have more factions than actual people.


Cymro said...

Well, there are three anti-Mike, yes. One non-aligned, but she's the most likely to take over so probably quietly anti, and one pro, and I don't think one makes a group. The other is Mike German himself. and although I think he'd be pro himself, it doesn't really count.

As for coalitions, I guess we will have to wait and see, although I suspect that Lib-Lab is the likely outcome. Plaid and Labour share much common ground in theory, but in practice, it is difficult to see agreement being reached. Coalitions propping up previous majority governments rarely work out.

That said, a Plaid-Labour coalition leading to a referendum on a full parliament would be good news.

Aled said...

I wonder what our recently elected AM thinks on the matter...

True to form he hasn't posted on his website for two weeks now.

Could it be the election is over?

Surely my first prediction hasn't come true already...


menaiblog said...

Ahem - Aled - blogging, or indeed doing anything on the web is hardly a moral obligation now is it?

Cymro said...

Well, I imagine that he has a few other things to do at the moment... I'm sure he'd reply if you sent an e-mail - he's quite good like that.

Aled said...

Menaiblog - at times your defence of the indefensible wears a bit thin...

Yes you are right to say that blogging, or indeed doing anything on the web is hardly a moral obligation.

However I am sure you would agree that elected members DO have a moral obligation to keep their electorate informed.

(Unless ofcourse Plaid Cymru members think you can take local electors forgranted when there is no election on).

I always predicted Alun Ffred's website would be a passing phase. An election gimmick.

However not even I expected him to drop the pretence so soon.

And I still find it amazing that so many die hard Plaid members can find the time to maintain your blog - and subscribe to others - yet you dont offer to run one for Alun.

Maybe he doesnt do enough to keep it exciting...?

And as for Cymro you again have reverted to Plaid's mantra suggesting it is up to me to contact Alun Ffred for updates now the election is over.

(this was ofcourse my second prediction - another one correct already?)

Time for all the Plaid foot soldiers to put their feet up.

No need to deliver leaflets until the next election. Just time for Plaid's AM to keep putting the expenses forms in so he can live on our taxpayers money.

Pity Plaid's love of devolution doesnt extend to passing down information to electors outside of elections...

Cymro said...

Ummm, Aled... What is he meant to say in a leaflet at the moment? "Got to Cardiff and elected a Presiding Officer - nothing else important has happened yet"? Well, I think voters have a part to play other than voting - if you want to talk to your AM, why not give him a phone call or write an e-mail, or just pop into the office in Caernarfon?

And yes, Alun produces leaflets quarterly at the least - the latest was on health policy. Plaid activists like me do try and deliver them to everyone. We're not all-powerful and are bound to miss some houses. If you want a leaflet, then you can as Alun or a Plaid activist. We apologise for missing you - but we can't do anything about it unless you tell us that we have.

menaiblog said...

Mm - so you condemn all AMs & MPs who don't blog - or is your condemnation reserved for those who don't share your political opinions?

Aled said...

Oh how I love it when Plaid members give me a response on a plate.

To Cymro - what do I expect Alun Ffred to say right now?

Weher do I start - how about thank you for the faith local electors have put in me? Thank you? Here's how you can contact me? THis is what I promise to do for everyone in Arfon - whether you voted for me or not.

Good etiquette dont you think? Still this is the silent man we are talking about.

As for Menaiblog may I remind you I used to be a Plaid member and always have voted Plaid until this last election - so until v recently Alun's views would have been mine.

Your point on what other AMs do is ofcourse missing the point. I have one constituency AM. That is the silent man Alun Ffred.

I only care about how he is going to keep me informed about what he is doing for the area in which I live.

I dare say this will be nothing - not even a website - as the last four years have shown.

But I promise you this.

I will watch his every movement (or lack of it).

I will keep note of whatever (if anything) he does to contact people in Arfon now he has been re-elected.

And most of all I will hold him to account every step of the way.

I feel a blog site of my very own coming on called Alun Ffred watch...