Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rainbow over the "Big Brother" house

Am I the first to get there and should there be a prize offered for the best narrative linking events in the Bay with the new series of Big Brother ? My opening pathetic effort .....

So far in the big brother house............

Rhodri invited Mike to join him in the big brother house, and perhaps even Ieaun, but definitely not Nick. However a few unWISE words were used and Mike and Ieuan turned round and went to talk to Nick about choosing an alternative head for the big brother house.

Rhodri was lonely for a few days as the other house mates considered their options. Mike thought it was agood idea to have someone apart from Rhodri as head, but when he asked the people who helped put him in the big brother house they said no. (and then yes). But by then the rainbow had passed over the big brother house until another day.

Rhodri was suddenly alone in the big brother house and decided he might as well become the head of the house.

Davina Elis Thomas called the big brother house to order, no one was ejected, and Rhodri became the head.

But when is the first eviction night ????


Simo said...

One word = "LAME!"

Mike Wood said...

I thought it was more a hybrid of Pobol Y Cwm and Desperate Housewives