Sunday, May 27, 2007

The soap opera continues ...

So I turned my back for a few hours to enjoy a family BBQ and when I return I find the Lib Dems have put life back in the soap opera - this is getting better than Dallas and I keep expecting to wake up in a shower and hear someone say it was dream.

On Wednesday the following comment was left on my blog :

"The Lib Dems are the party of PR & coalition government - yet when the opportunity arises they haven't got the balls to jump in with you - or with us.

Useless, pointless, runt party"

Someone else said

"But, as Menai says, the Lib Dems are pointless. How is anyone, Labour, Plaid or Tory, supposed to run a country with these giggling idiots running loose? " (Well it seems Ieaun might be expecting too !)

Rhys Llwyd reports after Plaid's national council that some in Pliad remain upbeat and looking to a fresh rainbow.

So perhap more diplomatic words will now be required !!

And I am left wondering how Rhodri can pursue a "progressive concensus" if all the other 3 want is to scheme a route to making the Rainbow their new reality ?.

I suppose bets should be taken on what event will trigger the vote ?

A health reform or more likely I supose the whole budget process this Autumn ?.

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Cymro said...

Martin, I'm all for diplomacy but... the Lib Dems ar giggling idiots. You know it, and I know it. Plaid will be wary of dealing with them, and even if the rainbow does get back on track, I doubt that will change anybody's opinion of the Lib Dems!

Best of luck for tomorrow's game, I'll be supporting the Baggies!