Thursday, May 17, 2007

A simple question requiring a response from AMs and MPs

There is a letter in today's Caernarfon Herald from I owen stating :

"In any normal job anyone who has been convicted of false accounting would be expected to lose their job.

Especially if the job meant being in charge of huge amounts of grant money.

The question needs to be asked - why is Elwyn Vaughan's situation any different ?

Not only has he kept his job, but he has glowing praie from the board of Cymad".

It is now just over 12 months since I called for an investigation in to Cymad.Can I suggest that the AMs and MPs (the Lord Elis Thomas, Elfyn Llwyd, Hywel Williams and Alun Ffred Jones) should have something to say on the situation ? Why their silence ?

It is noted that the board of Cymad contains many people who are active and prominent in Plaid Cymru. It is noted Elwyn Vaughan was Plaid's Director of elections in the 2003 elections. The Cymad subsidiary company (Galw) ran Plaid's election call centre in the 2003 campaign. The call centre was set up with grant support from Plaid lead Gwynedd Council.

I am left wondering who knows what about who ?

Perhaps it is time for Lord Elis Thomas to tell us all what issues he took to the auditor general for Wales and whether the questions have been satisfied ?

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