Sunday, May 20, 2007

The return of Hague ?

I suppose we should open a book on how long it takes for William Hague (remember him ?) to appear on our TVs welcoming the Tories return to power in Wales should the "rainbow" appear over Wales.

This is the prospect Plaid activists must consider as, I am told, they warm to the idea of coalition with the Tories. Hague as a current Tory shadow minister would be entitled to link himself directly to Bourne et al, and as a former SOS for Wales, I am sure have views to share.

I would say 7 days at the outside.

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Cymro said...

Well, I have a sof spot for old Willie - after John Redwood you could like anything. And I mean anything! Hague isn't likely to say much of value, if he appears at all - and as I recall, nobody listened to him much. Even when he was leader.