Friday, May 25, 2007

Rhodri starts the third term

The BBC has this picture of First Minister Rhodri Morgan addressing the new Assembly.
Meanwhile the Lib Dems are preparing to meet and have another change of thought ??
So I suppose we could see the build up to insecurity and uncertainty by the time of the budget unless Rhodri can make a reality of his wish for a progressive concensus.


Cymro said...

Well, people think it's all over now that we have a First Minister. But it is definitely not so, as you point out. Labour need to get Plaid on board to drive forward the progressive agenda - by making a proper offer, one that is collectively approved by Labour AM's and not just Rhodri's proposal, subject to veto.

The only certainty is that the Lib Dems won't make up their minds one way or the other anytime soon.

menaiblog said...

I'll bet you a couple of quid that there will be a different First Minister by Christmas.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I have just caught up and blogged but feel the few quid should go on naming the event - not whether it haoppens at all .(Thats just the maths - its the excuse that wil be interesting !!)

menaiblog said...

Could be anything - I doubt that it will be the Assembly government's proposal to deal with dog dung though.

Martin Eaglestone said...

are you so sure with those crazy Lib Dems.... headline

Dog poo drops Wales in the s**t !

Aled said...

I for one half hope that Plaid do what we all knew they would do - and form a coalition with the Tories.

Oh how Plaid vilified Martin, I and others for suggesting this could happen.

Finally Cymro gave into questioning and admitting he would be against it.

Yet now it could become a reality.

Personally I hope it does.

The party I once supported wholeheartedly (Plaid Cymru) will do nothing but kill itself off in the eyes of the people of Wales that loathe the Tories with a passion.

The strains are already there.

Plaid AMs openly rebelling against the decision of their leaders to grab power at any cost - in a grubby little deal that will sell the people of Wales down the river.
Noticeable Alun Ffred didnt come out in opposition to a deal. I can only assume he therefore supports it. Shame on you Alun.

However, any deal will be shortlived.

The coalition will be a shallow one.

However it will serve one purpose.

Namely it will remind people that only Labour is willing to defend the people of Wales from the Tory policies we have rejected for years.

It will provide the party with an opportunity to rally support once again.

Whereas Plaid will be exposed - for all to see - as the so called socialist party that allowed the Tories to rule Wales through the back door.

And if that is all they have to offer - there really is no need for the party I supported all my life until May to exist any more.