Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rhodri's final lap of Wales

In some ways I felt a certain emotion at welcoming Rhodri to Bangor this morning at the start of his final tour of 2007 campaign (assuming the Assembly does not hit meltdown and dissolve itself !!). This is of course his last full campaign as our First Minister and the warmth shown to him, across the political spectrum, is a rare gift for a politician of his standing.
Here he is working the mic with our final message (big secret it was vote Labour !) and dealing with the media.
Diolch Rhodri mae yn fraint gweithio gyda ti. Thank you Rhodri it is an honour to work with you.


Aled said...

Good luck on polling day.

I think you have shown the other candidates the way in terms of the professionalism of your campaign.

Your commitment to getting out and speaking to people has been noticeable when compared to our current AM who has hidden away out of reach of electors for the last four years.

Your warm approach and willingness to allow open debate on your site has been been welcome - when our current AM has only got round to setting up a website after four years.

Your opposition to a pact with the Tories will be a vote winner and a nail in the coffin for Plaid Cymru's sitting AM.

And the future of Arfon will be a lot brighter when you hoprfully become our elected representative in just a few days.

Best of luck - and win or lose I think you can genuinely hold your head high on the way you have conducted yourself.

menaiblog said...

Are you a betting man Aled?

Aled said...

If I were Menai, i would bet you this...

Should Plaid Cymru scrape home in Arfon - they will do no better, with boundary changes there is no doubt that their current majority will be slashed substantially - we would be talking in another 4 years and:

1) I would still fail to have received any literature from the Plaid AM for yet another 4 years

2) His website - which suddenly appeared out of nowhere after 4 years in office would disappear just as quickly after the election until votes were required once more

3) Arfon would continue to suffer from being represented by an AM who had failed to bring about any real benefits for our area. Plaid members have still to mention one real benefit their AM has secured.

Thankfully I have faith in the local electorate.

And I'm sure Plaid Cymru will be sent packing by people who are fed up of under achievement from a party that have been in power locally for 30 years...