Tuesday, April 03, 2007

11 for 11 in North Wales

Along the A55 to Old Colwyn to join Rhodri and comrade candidates for the campaign launch and the launch of our North Wales mini manifesto. 11 promises for 20011 shows our focus on the coming years, not just Plaid's 7 for 07.

Here I am with Rhodri and the North Wales mini manifesto, before heading to Colwyn bay market to help Alan Pugh fight for Clwyd West.


Aled said...

Hi Martin - couldn't agree more with the need for a long term four year vision rather than the quick hit approach.

I think its speaks volumes about the fact that either even Plaid dont think they will win outright control of the Senedd after the elections - or they are trying to conceal what their real long term plans will be...

Anyway I think it would be helfpul if you could set out the 11 for 2011 on here just so we can all see the pledges in full.

Aled said...

Classic new labour,and this is pushing it even for them, long term aspirations is all we get and they know they will not be around when the chickens come home to roost, but 18004 years !!!