Friday, April 20, 2007

What a cracker on the road to "understanding"

Elfyn Llwyd, one of Plaid's leaders, told BBC Radio that Plaid could seek an "understanding" with the Conservatives after May 3rd. Ieaun Wyn did not deny the scope for colaition/understanding/agreement on tv last night. (I get confused on the terminology)

Meanwhile renewed labour has found this cracking little quote from Leanne Wood AM of Plaid Cymru:

"if Plaid went into coalition with the Tories, we would completely lose the trust of working-class people in Wales - and we could forget ever making that breakthough in the Valleys we need to realise full self-government".

They must be facing an interesting tactical discussion over the weekend in Plaid.

As I pledged at their conference, and repeat here - NO TORY COALITION.


Aled said...

Plaid Cymru should hang their heads in shame for betraying the people of Wales in this way.

Even the fact that they are contemplating a pact with the Tories has been enough to make me switch to Labour..something I'm sure many others will do

And something that could explain why Plaid Cymru are flat lining in the polls despite all the money they got from their London based benefactor

Cymro said...

Aled has quite obviously never voted Plaid Cymru - and is a bottom-feeding snotball to boot.

But to deal with Martin's post, I think that this is a little disingenuous. No offence, Martin! I just think that, the way the polls are reading, no party will secure a majority. All the parties will seek coalitions after the elections.

Discussions are going to seek consensus. We have a lot in common with Labour - being social democrats, at the core. So I'm sure that coalition with Labour is a real possibility.

There is some common ground with the Lib Dems too. Historically, we have little or nothing in common with the Tories. But if they sit around a table and tell us that they accept what we say in our manifesto, then I see no problems with a Plaid-led coalition.

Cymro said...

By the way, since you mention the conference, what was your reply to the kid in the wheelchair who shouted at you at at the Plaid Cymru conference? I heard him say something like "I don't see it, just Labour closing schools and hospitals" and you did reply. Unfortunately, someone else started talking so I didn't hear what you said to him.

Martin Eaglestone said...

In the general excitement of the moment I don't remember - but I am sure it was something very sensible ! (for once in my life..)

Probably hospital services are changing in line with the cross party agreement to implement change in line with the Wanless recommendations, and avoid calling some restructuring a "closure" for short term gain

On schools probably that the decision is for Gwynedd Council to make-not the AM. Over to Mr iwan and colleagues.

Cymro said...

Thanks for that, I've been wondering for a while how that conversation ended!

Aled said...

Cymro I was a Plaid Cymruy member let alone a voter

I went To Ysgol Glan Y Mor and carried out much campaigning with Nan Ellis - the music teacher there - who despite being bound by her contract to be non political was a Plaid member also and worked on many campaigns.

I have voted Plaid Cymru all my life. Until now.

And for you to say anything else just goes to show the desperate lengths you will go to to try and silence people like me who are utterly disappointed with Plaid Cymru's sell out.

Cymro said...

Aled, this has nothing to do with Martin's post. Trust you to ruin a sensible discussion. I don't care which school you went to, it doesn't tell me who you vote for. As for the rest of what you say, read it to yourself and see if it makes sense. If it does, get a mallet and whack yourself on the head for a bit.

Cymro said...

By the way, a correct spelling of Plaid Cymru would help your case a lot. Just some advice for the future.

Aled said...

Cymro - once again you show why moderation has had to be brought back,

You challenge my status as a Plaid member.

I prove to you I was with inside knowledge of Plaid members I campaigned with.

So you just resort to cheap personal attacks in order to ignore the fact I truly was a Plaid member who will be voting Labour in May.

You can stand by and watch as Plaid destroy everything we both campaigned for by joining forces with the Tories.

But not in my name...