Monday, April 23, 2007

Daily Post covers Arfon

The Post today profiles the Arfon seat. Someone greeted me as the "veteran" campaigner.


Cymro said...

Take it as a compliment, Martin!

hedd said...

"Their notional 2003 result for Arfon would have given Plaid a 3,635 majority with 45% of the vote, compared to Labour’s improved 30.5%."

And that was a good year for Labour!! I think Plaid will comfortably hold the seat with say 5,000 majority?

Aled said...

2003 was an ok year for Labour - but nationalist like Hedd and cymro know May 2007 is going to be even better for Labour in Arfon

Thats why they are panicking!!

Just look around this site they're all flocking here from all over Wales like headless chickens just to try and stem the loss of this seat.

One word of caution Plaid - dont take your eye off Ynys Mon :-)