Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vaynol - combining the old and the new

A visit to the Vaynol/Faenol estate outside Bangor with Carwyn Jones AM. The estate is now famous for the Bryn Terfel festival, but inside the estate fantastic work is taking place to teach traditional construction skills to a new generation of workers. The teaching is applied in restoring buildings and items on the estate and provide skillls to be used around the country.

An inspirational project to someone like myself with a qualification in planning and interest in such environmental matters.

A great asset and major opportunity for North West Wales.


Cymro said...

Yo, Marty baby. Here's the deal, right. I'll stop spamming if you stop Aled from posting here. Let's face it, the guy's a git, who should never be allowed to vote for any party, or procreate. Thanks.

Aled said...

one sensible post made by you on thelatest topic ruined by yet more childish nonsense.

however cymro - I will meet you half.

I wish I never had been allowed to vote during the 90s and turn of the century. After all I voted Plaid and what a wasted vote that was...

Cymro said...

One more witty rejoinder ruined by yet more stupid comments.

However, Aled - I will meet you halfway.

I doubt you ever voted for Plaid Cymru. What a waste of space you are...

Aled said...

Cymro - I have named another Plaid Cymru party member in another post. Who despite her teaching contract that says she cant be political - i campaigned with many times over the years.

I was a member not only a voter for Plaid.

But it was not me that was the waste of space.

It was Plaid's sell out by failing to rule out a coalition with the Tories that made them a sell out.

We have both campaigned for Plaid for many elections.

We both - as you admitted in a previous post - would not want to see Plaid join forces with the Tories.

Yet only one of us - is sensible enough to stop that happeneing - by voting Labour.

I hope you can live with yourself for letting the Tories back in - if thats the result in a few weeks.

But you wont do it in my name.

And no childish name calling will get over the fact that you - and your party - will have sold our country doen the river