Monday, April 23, 2007

9 hours NHS dentistry wasted in a week

Health Minister Brian Gibbons joined me in Arfon today and we visited the Eryri community hospital which has received much investment over the last five years and the Oasis dental centre on the Cinbyn estate.

The Oasis centre has opened 9,000 NHS places in Caernarfon in the last twelve months. However it was disturbing to see the sign on the wall stating that in a recent week 9 hours of time was wasted by "no show" patients. People need to reflect on their actions if this valuable NHS resource is being wasted.


Cymro said...

Martin, we may not always agree, but I am with you on this. Dental treatment on the NHS is very, very hard to come by and it is a shame that people feel that they are entitled to waste it.

On the other hand, we must look closely at the provision of dental care on the NHS, given the shortage of NHS dentists. All medical clinics lose out to no-shows - while this needs to be tackled, the pressing question is how we can provide widespread NHS dental care, so that each appointment is not such a precious resource. Agreed?

Martin Eaglestone said...

and that is why the 9,000 places created at Oasis are very welcome.