Thursday, April 26, 2007


There are worse places to canvas than parts of Arfon, here was the scene in Nantlle at about 3pm today, looking towards Snowdon.
Yet even within half a mile of here there were residents complaints about slate dust and disturbance from slate waste removal (I witnessed some 10 heavy lorries in about 30 minutes) and a major row about a home for a local couple that was refused by Gwynedd "locals only" Council.


Cymro said...

Any reaction to the lates poll?

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Your picture reminds me of that iconic photograph from the 1970's that showed the whole population of the Falklands Islands - yours shows everybody who is going to vote Labour in Arfon next Thursday:-)

Martin Eaglestone said...

We wait and trust the people.

Aled said...

My reaction to the polls Cymro is labour will still be the biggest party on that basis.

So unless PLaid are going to do a deal with the Tories they won't be in a position to take power.

So Cymro - will Plaid form a coalition with the Tories?

Will you back that coalition and feel proud for what your party has "achieved" for Wales?

Martin Eaglestone said...

My reaction to the poll is summarised in the blog from the BBC that suggests predicting results under PR is a potential waste of time.

But if Labour say no then where do Plaid go so Ieaun can be king ?

Aled said...

Ha ha - come now Martin we all know the answer to that

This is becoming more and more like a Plaid Cymru pantomime everyday with members like Cymro and candidates like Ian and Bethan to scared to be honest with the people of Wales.

We all shout "the Tories - they're behind you"

Cymro protest "no they're not"

Only to hear a chorus of "oh yes they are" and confirmation from the pantomime horse - or should that be ass - Ieaun W Jones?

So come now Cymro, Hedd, Menia, Alwyn, Bethan and Ian - please each answer these two questions direct:

1) Would you be happy if after years of attacking the Tories for what they did to Wales - your party then formed a coalition with them?

2) Do you think the people of Wales would respect you or your party for allowing the Tories back into power?

Martin Eaglestone said...

As the board in my latest posting says "No Tory coal;ition" - over to my blogging commentators !