Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arfon - "New seat offering hope to Labour"

It was yesterday's profile in the Daily Post that lead my agent to ask me "What happened to that article about Dafydd Iwan wanting Dafydd Wigley in Arfon?".

It gives us a chance to dust down the letter that was sent by Dafydd Iwan to Dafydd Elis Thomas suggesting that DET should fight the Aberconwy seat, Alun Ffred Jones jump ship to Dwyfor-Meirionydd and Wigley stand in Arfon. DET stopped all of that.

The letter was posted to me by a nice friend, and it is full of praise from Iwan for DET, before the killler suggestion that he move seats.

So the only solution for Plaid supporters now is the "Vote Eaglestone and Get Wigley too" ticket.

(perhaps this is the coalition the BBC are referring to !!!).


Cymro said...

I think that voters are more interested in the fact that Labour hasn't delivered ont its last manifesto for the Assembly, not that Dafydd Ellis-Thomas and Dafydd iwan aren't the best of friends.

This is a story from two years ago. The question of who stand where has been sorted out. Let's move on from this, I don't think it tells us anything.

Che Grav-ara said...

Oh my god martin you have reached a new low. Your basing your election strategy on the fact that you cant hold a candle to wigley. Your only hope is that the popularity of such a well loved an intelligent politician might mean you scrap in the back door. Really shows the lack of confidence you have in your own ability and the lack of conviction you have in your parties policies!

Martin Eaglestone said...

It is just an interesting footnote to the campaign that I am fighting a candidate who was pushed towards Dwyfor-Meirionydd but rebuffed. Meanwhile Dafydd W is now dependent on Labour succes in Arfon. I find some people find the idea attractive given the mess created by Gwynedd Council!