Monday, April 02, 2007

Election period leads to moderation

It had become a bit like the film groundhog day with the same recurrent postings from a few limited sources. A bit disapointing but it has lead (I think) to comments being moderated. At least it has if I have understood the technology correctly !.

I think Blamerbell briefs thought my blog had hit the stratosphere - until it was realised most came from one source.

The costs of democracy, but the blog continues with moderation enabled.

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Aled said...

I think this is the right least for now.

I welcome Cymro's apology and hope this action does not dissuade people of other political persuasions from posting to the site. I for one very much welcome sensible debate with people who hold different views to my own - only by engaging in such conversations can you really formulate your own opinions of your own accord.

Debate and discussion is something we all welcome I'm sure. The very fact that Martin let things go as far as they did before taking any action is proof - if it is needed - that he is not seeking to stifle debate.

So hopefully in a few days - with a new sense from posters as to what is acceptable and what is not - you'll be able to try lifting the restrictions.

After all, get the right split between managing your blog and meeting people, and I have little down that we will soon be celebrating our first Labour AM in Arfon - something up until recently I didnt think I'd ever celebrate before!!!