Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Don't know-Don't Care" poses Blamerbell

I suppose this posting shows the thoughts of Blamerbell have had the desired effect. I will hovever post a few thoughts on this final weekend of the campaign, before heading back in to the warmth of Arfon to campaign.

Firstly there has been no lack of the hard slog and traditional campaigning in Arfon. Most people still appreciate a knock on door, I just wish a few more would be at home when we called ! Perhaps we should introduce a compulsory time for beibng at home to greet your candidate !

Or a regulatiion allowing each of us a 2 hour slot in the local Tesco/ASDA etc so we can see people as they carry out this new national pastime - shopping.

It is a candidate's most frustrating experience to hear "you didn't call on me"`when you know you tried a copule of times - but found noone in.

Secondly the real campaigning now tends to focus on those candidiates having a realistic chance of success in a specific constituency. However that it perhaps a recognition of reality - why flog a dead horse when time can be spent elsewhere perhaps making a real difference for your chosen party.

Thirdly campaigning techniques such as the phone are now playing a strionger real in identifying supporters.

Finally it is an established fact that candidates are all delicate flowers, we really should not be subject to such criticsim !!!!

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