Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One blog only

Several regualrs monitors of my blog seem to feel I am running several blog domains/names (I'm trying to appear knowledgable and cool n techno awareness here!). Can I assue you all I am not. If I have an opinion to express ,or an idea to share, then it will be on my own blog, not coming in second hand from somewhere else.

Crikey I am working to win the seat and running one blog is hard enough. (let alone trying to respond to concerns that I post in only one language-like Plaid Cymru adverts).

If it helps "Cymro" to save time with his cut and paste efforts, I am happy to confirm as follows, because none of it is a secret, and I am happy to give my opinions:

a) Iraq : I did not support the decision to go to war, as I have said on radio/tv consistently since the start,

b) Trident - not my cup of tea, but I can understand the concerns of those making a deterrence argument in a very uncertain world,

c) Child poverty - we are making progress, but have more to do. Hence our election pledge and commitment to more legislation and action. I don't think a lap top is the answer !.

I think that (a) to (c) might help respond to several hundred postings. Lets move on, and moderation might hopefully be relaxed in the interests of more debate - negative and positive contributions.

You wiull see I have let through a number of negative comments because negative contributions in their own right don't concern me, just boring repetition.


Cymro said...

Thank you, Martin - genuinely. That's what I wanted. I hope you appreciate that - those questions needed answering You have actually given real answers to all the questions now. That's all I wanted. No more copy-paste.I disagree with what you say, but at least you've said it now! That's democracy at work.

I think that, although there has been progress, 2005/2006 saw an increase in child poverty, and by most economic forecasts, that will continue to creep upwards. So Labour is ceeding the ground it has won, and is doubtful to meet the 2010 target of halving poverty. Why is this?

I think your charge that the laptop pledge is aimed at tackling child poverty is a bit spurious. It is in part, of course - if you are in poverty, laptops are hard to come by. And universal benefits have 95%+ take-up - means-tested take-up is always lower.

But the point is to ensure that all children have a good and fair education - and thus, better life chances. One aspect of the plans, but like your Monile Mammas, the most eye-catching. Even though laptops sounds better than Mobile Mammas which is a dodgy name! Not a judgement on your childcare policies, although I thnk Plaid's are more sensible.

I'm glad that you are willing to reiterate that you have bever supported the Iraq war. But do you think it has hurt Labour that Rhodri Morgan has taken so long to say anything?

Isn't it true that the people of Wales deserve an Assembly government and a First Minister willing to voice their anger when Westminster does something so foolish? Same goes for Trident, of course. The Assembly is the voice of Wales, and in that case shouldn't the Labour government tell the Westminster Labour crew what they think?

menaiblog said...

You didn't allow a simple summary on my part of the election spending figures of various parties in the last GE through either?

It wasn't boring or repetetive - it just showed that your party had spent vast amounts of money in Wales & the UK during the last GE.

Martin Eaglestone said...

If we have agreed to disagree (or largely agree as it happens?) then moderation might be relaxed.

I'm surprised someone so active claims ignorance of my views - they have not been a secret.

Rightly I think Rhodri wanted to focus Wales on Assembly issues - not be rushed off to distractions like Cymro's obsessive questioning. That would not help devolution, given the Westminster arena/responsibility for such issues.

Aled said...

PS Has anyone noticed how cymro and menaiblog alwys seem to post within about ten minutes of one another...

Anyone else think they are one and the same Plaid activist?

Cymro said...

Well Martin, I think the crux lies in what you say. I know your view on Iraq - and I applaud it. But you are standing as a Labour candidate, not an independent, so the party is just as important as your personal opinions.

Rhodri Morgan wants to concentrate on Welsh issues - that makes sense, up to a point. Iraq and Trident replacement affect Wales too; the Assembly is not just a forum for discussion of domestic isues. Silence is, in many ways, a tacit endorsement.

One of New Labour's main failures has been the rise of inequality to the highest levels since 1961. Part of the reason is the reliance on market structure and a belief that work is the route out of poverty. In many cases, it's not. Even if the Assembly government has no power in this area, it has been given a mandate to represent the Welsh people.

That means standing up to London sometimes.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I am happy to stand up to London and anyone else where necessary. However I don't think the Assembly should be just a place to repeat a debate held in Westminster, the outcome of which we may not like.

The Assembly/Rhodri etc should rightly focus on its own business and that will be even more important with the new powers.

Cymro said...

That's fair enough. I disagree with that - the Assembly is, unlike Westminster, the arena where Wales can make itself heard - but I'll leave it there. Thanks for answering, at last, and I apologise for the fact that I had to resort to those means to get a reply.