Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pobl peblig

Caernarfon Online have posted a feature on an initiative in Peblig ward in Caernarfon funded by Labour's Communities First programme.

I think people sometimes overlook these important local actions that could be lost if Labour does not hold power after May 3rd. I can see no equivalent scheme in other manifestos - but am hapy to be corrected !


Cymro said...

Martin, I think you have overlooked Plaid Cymru's manifesto commitment to strong communities. It includes commitments on housing and local economies, local Post Office expansion and local banking, as well as expansion of local health and education services.

Communities are important to Plaid Cymru, and to any socialist party. I agree with most of the Labour manifesto on communities too - I don't think this is the issue on which the election between us and Labour can be fought, really.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I am simply making the point that Comunities First has been a specific help to our most hard pressed communities. However I would not dispute some common ground in this area (careful it will sound like concensus politics !)

Cymro said...

I'm glad you agree some common groun on this issue.