Monday, April 23, 2007

Did you spot the missing Party ?

Well on 'hope not hate' Sunday I abided by the spirit of the day, and acknowledged the common stance taken by candidates on behalf of the Lib Dems, Conservative and Labour. Of course blogging comrade Cymro then decides to question why I was calling the Tories colleagues.

Of course Cymro failed to pick up the very obvious point (that I will therefore blog on today) which is - where were Plaid Cymru ?

I think there was a general and genuine shock at their failure to attend this event in North Wales agreed by the main party leaders for hope not hate.


Cymro said...

See the reply to yesterday's blog. Additionally, although there is awareness of Hope not Hate, I fail to see a mention of the event - anywhere! And the gathering in the picture was hardly a noteable crowd!

Aren't there better things to debate than Plaid's absence at one debate? After all, the point I made is that you were prepared to work with a Tory for this. Sometimes, we all work with people we don't like.

As Bethan Jenkins, a Plaid candidate, pointed out, we do not sit comfortably with the Tories - they stand for different things. Indeed, we sit much more closely to Labour. But, if they accept our manifesto, then we will work with them if there is no other possibility.

What else is there to say?

Martin Eaglestone said...

You may not sit comfortably with them but it seems an "agreement" or "understanding" may be possible - at least that won't be called a coalition. As Leanne Wood said the working class of Wales will be so thankful to you.

hedd said...

Trist iawn eich bod yn defnyddio'r diwrnod yma i geisio sgorio pwyntiau gwleidyddol.

Wnes i hefyd sylwi ar ddyfyniad gan Rhodri Morgan ar wefan y BBC ddoe yn sôn am gydraddoldeb:

"If Labour wins May's assembly election, equality will continue to be at the heart of all we do."

I bob dim arwahan i'r Gymraeg mae'n ymddangos? Pam nad yw'r Blaid
Lafur yn galw am gydraddoleb ieithyddol yng Nghymru yn ogystal?

Efallai byddai'n syniad da i chi, a gweddill ymgeiswyr y Blaid Lafur,
wrando ar sylwadau Chris Myant o'r comisiwn cydraddoldeb hiliol yn
siarad yng Nghyfarfod Cyffredinol Cymuned rhai wythnosau yn ôl:

"There's no contradiction in our view between a strong commitment to
racial equality and a passionate commitment to the language. Indeed,
the two should be allies... diversity is what equality is all about"

Martin Eaglestone said...

Dwi ddim yn defnyddio'r diwrnod ond yn gwneud pwnt ffeithiol. Gewch beio gyfaill Cymro am sbarduno ymateb gennyf.

Ian said...

I have just spotted my previous blog on your site and feel I owe you some form of apology, yet your following blog still endeavours to make political capital out of the race issue.

Either, you are so wrapped up in your campaign that you cannot help yourself, or you have no concern about splitting the anti-racist movement in Wales on party grounds. I strongly advise you to curtail your attitude to this as any suggestions that Plaid are not committed to this cause are not only deeply insulting, but also playing into the hands of the BNP-a visious fascist organisation that will be making huge effrots to get Councillors elected next year.

What's more important to you Martin, keeping out the BNP or scoring cheap political points?

Aled said...

Accusations of making cheap politican points from a PLaid Cymru candidate (albeit one from Cardiff standing in his local seat of Swansea...)

Talk about pot calling kettle black...

Bet you wish you had an MP in your area who could place an advert in the local paper for you dont you Ian...

Ian said...


What have you ever done against the BNP? Let me have a stab at that one-nothing, along with your colleague Martin. Perhaps if you took your New Labour blinkers off and worked with people like me and many Labour activists, to face up to the dangers of organised fascism, then you would be a little more understanding and grown up.