Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enough said !

Rhodri Morgan has totally rubbished the BBC Wales story that Welsh Labour was considering a deal with Plaid Cymru after May's election. "This story is rubbish from start to finish. A formal complaint is being made to BBC Wales about their decision to run such a story at such a critical point in the election, despite the story being comprehensively denied by Welsh Labour official sources. "

Neither I nor anyone else acting with my authority has been engaged in any such considerations or discussions. The obsession of the media and the minor parties is with coalition speculation. As previously stated on scores of occasions, Welsh Labour is aiming to form a government based on a mandate from the people of Wales. "The key dividing line in this election is that the other parties can only form a coalition government. Welsh Labour can form a government based on a proper mandate from the people of Wales. That is what we are seeking. We are certainly not going to be knocked of course by baseless media tittle-tattle."

Now how is that Plaid-Tory "agreement" or "understanding" coming along ??


Cymro said...

Martin, I know the media can be a bit hysterical at times. But this time, they have a point. It's very likely that there will be no majority party after the election. That means that a coalition of some sort is going to be necessary.

All the rest is speculation right now, but the central fact remains.

Aled said...

Yes Cymro - and the central facts are this:

1) Labour's leader has ruled out a coalition with the Tories - thats why they have my vote

2) PLaid Cymru's leader confirms they are seeking an agreement/understanding with the Tories that will form the basis of a coalition with them - thats why they will never have my vote again

Plaid Cymru can sell Wales down the river by letting the Tories into power in wales through the back door.

But they won't do it in my name.

Cymro said...

Can I just point out that the Tories hate us even more than Labour do - we're not just nationalistt, but socialists too!

Martin Eaglestone said...

It will all prove irrelevant if Labour people simply vote Labour.

Labour are the only party to whom this applies as all other parties are dependent on others to get them near power.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Labour can win alone if people want that result.

Plaid are just desperate to get a shot in government and then take Gwynedd's policies to a wider world - to produce this nightmare it seems anyone will do.

Cymro said...

Aled, Plaid Cymru's leader has said no such thing. Plaid have said that they would not form a coalition under a Tory First Minister. And that is all - he has not ruled anything out, but Plaid haven't said anything else on this supposed Tory coalition. The media keep stirring this, as Labour have found out. But I have no idea where you get the idea that we are actively seeking coalition, with anyone.

Aled said...

Cymro - your desperation knows no bounds.

Just like the Plaid candidates from all across Wales that have clearly heard Plaid are in trouble in Arfon and have been encouraged to attack Labour's candidate here as Plaid Cymru get more and more scared of losing the seat.

Anyway Cymro - please tell me where I mention Plaid forming a coalition under a Tory Welsh Minister.

I said no such thing.

Instead I said Plaid's Leader confirmed (on the BBCs politics show on Sunday) that they are seeking an agreement/understanding with the Tories.

Why do you lie?

Why twist my words?

Could it be you know this policy is losing lots of Plaid voters like me - and hence Plaid candidates from Swansea etc are turning their attention to shore up votes in Arfon rather than campaigning in their own seats?

Cymro said...

Aled, I am twisting no words at all. I'm just saying that all Plaid have said on the coalition issue is that there will be no coalition under Tory leadership. Nothing else has been said about a coalition.

As for you switching from Plaid, was it because of this? Or that you want Alun Ffred to move mountains? Or that you realised nationalism is a waste of time? You have so many, it's hard to keep track!

Aled said...

Cymro - you have hit the nail on the head.

Im hacked of with Plaid failures in many areas - not just one.

They are a sticking plaster - they are not the long term solution to any of Arfons problems.

In power for 30 years here - what have they changed?

What has Alun Ffred done - you still have not given me one achievement. Not one. You clearly know you cannot defend the silent man's "record" or rather lack of it.

And whilst you say the Tories hate Plaid, they probably hate the left wingers in the party. But we know that Plaid also has a large right wing contingent in it as well - hence the overthrown of Dafydd Ellis for Wigley who was more right wing.

So the Tories and Plaid will find some common ground. The socialist label is simply a convenient tag that Plaid used during the Tory years when Wales would never ever vote for a right wing party that was up front about its views.

And the bottom line is whilst they may hate some of each others policies both parties are desperate for power and both will sell Wales down the river in the pursuit of it.

But not in my name.

Now where is the Plaid candidate from Swansea to ride in to your defence?

Aled said...

Sorry make that candidateS - plural - now Bethan has been drafted in from South Wales to try and sure up the weak Plaid vote here in their former heartland of Arfon....