Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't give Wales an uncertain future - vote Labour

Today's publication of public expenditure figures for Wales show that public services in Wales continue to benefit massively from the successful partnership between Labour in Wales, and Labour in the Westminster Government.

Since 1999 the Assembly Government's budget has more than doubled, rising from £7 billion to £14 billion. Overall public expenditure in Wales is 14% higher per head than it is England.
Health expenditure in Wales has risen by 60% since 2001-2. Wales is now spending 6% per head more on health than in England. Education expenditure has risen by 35%.since 2001-2. Per head, Wales is now spending 5% more on education than England, while expenditure on transport and economic development is 43% higher in Wales than in England.

This has contributed to Wales' remarkable record in attracting new jobs and reducing unemployment.

The successful partnership that Labour has maintained has been achieved through the Barnett formula, which has provided Wales with secure, favourable and rising public expenditure.
Labour's opposition parties in the 3 May election want to dump both the Barnett formula and Labour's working partnership with Westminster. They have not explained to the people of Wales that an alternative to Barnett may well decrease the bonus that Wales now gets in public expenditure.

First Minister RHODRI MORGAN said:
"A vote for the Nationalists and the Liberal Democrats risks putting the Tories into Welsh Government and getting less money for public services in Wales. John Redwood became famous for sending money back to London; Ieuan Wyn Jones and Mike German want to dump the Barnett formula and put at risk the money Wales gets – they want to join the Redwood Club".

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