Friday, April 13, 2007

Update - campaign heats up

Apologies as a busy campaign has meant postings have become less frequent. A summary of the last few days :

"Hacio" - I took a very late booking to help in Hacio's (S4C young person's programme) and the excitement of an election special. A number of stories to share, but I will show some respect to other, younger, candidates and not spill the beans. Broadcast at some point prior to election.

Rhodri Morgan in Bangor and a cracking night on the door.

Part of the panel for 'Dau o'r Bae' on Radio Cymru about the manifesto, and other stuff.

Front page of the Bangor and Anglesey Mail with some non story about the Mayor snubbing Peter Hain's walkabout. I invited the mayor out of courtesey, even though he is not of Labour persuasion.

The Mail reports dramatically :

"But once Labour's Arfon candidiate Martin Eaglestone arrived on the scene, Cllr Madge made a hasty exit.

He explained "I said that I had another appointment and left the office".

Despite his claims to a "hasty" exit I will be e-mailing Councillor Madge the various photos that he posed for in the Deiniol centre - funny thing that word "hasty"!

Thanks for the front page councillor Madge !

Photos to follow.

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