Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching up !

Here is Rhodri arriving for the great knock up ( does that sound right ?) in Bangor.


Cymro said...

Will you finally tell me why the people of Wales should vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; closed our schools and hospitals; wasted £85bn on Trident?

Aled said...

Oh not again...does Martin really have to go back to monitoring comments to stop this repetitive nonsense from spoiling individuals going on...?

Cymro said...

Talk about repetitive individuals. Here we have an entity that manages to create imaginary hospitals, repeatedly. Now that is nonsense!

Cymro said...

Shocking, no reaction! Could it be because this supposed investment in Merthyr is just one big fairy tale? There are initial plans for a new town hospital and wellbeing centre. A bit like my initial plans to move Everest into my back garden.

Conveniently, the announcement of the initial business plan - the stage before the stage before the stage that anything is agreed upon -was timed a few weeks before the election.

So, can Martin confirm that this is just a pre-election gimmick to convince other constituencies that they would get a big mountain/hospital if theey vote Labour?

Aled said...

Not at all cymro - you negate your own argument by pointing out that the hospital in Merthyr is already being discussed as a planning matter.

You have yet to answer if you Plaid would stop the hopsital from being built in the unlikley event they get into power.

But then again you still have to tell me one single positive achievement that the sitting Plaid Cymru has achieved for Arfon.

As has your fellow plaid member menaiblog.

But then even Alun Ffred - the silent man - has failed to keep us his constituents up to date through regular leaflets or an online presence over the last 4 years.

But guess what!

As if by magic - he has finally got round to getting a website!!!

Anyone would think there was an election on...

Cymro said...

It's in planning. Initial planning. It's not even a thought yet, just a few neurons knocking together. This is a real achievement after 8 years of power?

Aled said...

Cymro - I ask again - seeing as you failed to ignore my questions:

1) If they get into power will Plaid halt Labour plans to build a hospital there?

2) What has Alun Ffred done over the last four years to deserve my vote? Other than launch a website 3 weeks before an election. Convenient timing...

3) Initial planning is better than no planning and I listed nearly ten things this Labour candidate had secured in last two months. You still have failed to list one in the last four years for Alun Ffred. Why is that?

4) Do you think a Tory/Plaid pact would be a good thing for Wales?